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Left To Our Own Devices

A program for tech degrowth We should immediately begin to degrow the technology industry. "Broken computer monitor found in the woods" by binarydreams is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 Before you shut this webpage in disgust, let me stop you: Tech is not the most important thing to degrow. If it weren't for power consumption due to blockchain operations, it wouldn't even be top five. The reason we should do this thing, right now, is that tech is one of the few things we ( literally you and I, not some mythical, wishful "we" ) already have the power to degrow. The reason we have this power is that technology is not only dependent up on hardware, which is manufactured in the typical capitalist fashion, with the excess and the marketing and the planned obsolescence and the artificial scarcity. It is also dependent upon software, and that software is a choke point of a very strange type — part

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