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How to Join Mastodon

The Twitter-like network of social networks, demystified. Difficulty Level 0 - Just Join Already Go to and click "Create Account". Sign up like you would for anything else. Make a profile. Use the webpage version on desktop and mobile, or get the official app on iOS or Android. Stick to the federated timeline. This will look and feel a lot like Early Twitter (before The Algorithm), but without as many ad and spam accounts. You can configure your app or the website to only show you posts in languages you understand under your Settings under Preferences > Other > Filter Languages. Difficulty Level 1 - The Normie Way Go to and Find a Server that's right for you. Go to that server's page and make a profile. Use the webpage version, or the mobile app, or even look at things like third-party apps, but be warned that some of them will value Features over Usability. Hit that federated timeline some of the time, but since you signed up

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